Why You Need Frequent Oil Changes

Maintenance is Ongoing!

Didn’t I just go to the auto shop? We know a lot of our customers say this on the way to their oil change services, and we understand how they feel. Sometimes it can seem like a huge part of our time goes towards vehicle maintenance. Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah wants to assure you that the frequent oil changes are for a good reason. Here’s an explanation from our pros on why you need them and how they help your vehicle!

What Oil Does

New, clean motor oil is crucial to your vehicle’s optimal performance. It lubricates parts to help them run smoothly and prevents overheating. In that way, it helps cars last longer and contributes to powerful and efficient performance. The problem is that oil isn’t always effective in its role.

Oil Doesn’t Last

The good attributes of motor oil don’t last forever. Eventually, it breaks down or has so much dirt in it that it can no longer clean, protect, and lubricate the engine. When that happens, the oil has to be drained and replaced, or it will lead to damage and performance problems. No matter what you do with your vehicle, the oil will break down over time. It doesn’t matter how often or far you drive!

What Happens If You Don’t Change It

If you decide to stretch your services longer than the recommended intervals, your vehicle will suffer. Forcing the engine to run on dirty, worn-out oil can lead to major problems. The car is susceptible to overheating, as the gunked up oil won’t flow or lubricate well. The dirt that is usually held in suspension in the oil will instead build up on engine parts, causing accelerated wear. Overall, your vehicle may not run powerfully, smoothly, or efficiently. You’ll need more frequent repairs, which could have otherwise been avoided. At the end of the day, routine oil changes save you from unnecessary expenses and rapid vehicle wear.

If you want to enjoy the best from your car for as long as possible, you’ll want to stick to a consistent oil change schedule that follows your manufacturer’s recommendations. Find more information in your owner’s manual or ask the experts at Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah for help!

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