How Often to Change Your Oil

Do You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil If You Only Drive Occassionally?

Oddly enough, yes. Many people know to change their oil based upon mileage driven (such as every 5,000, 7,500 or 10,000 miles) but many people do not realize they should also have it changed twice a year if they only drive occasionally. The experts at Transportation Repair, in Logan, Utah, are ASE Certified and can efficiently change your oil to make sure your engine will continue running well, as well as also evaluate your old oil. The condition of your old oil can be a great indicator about the health of your engine and threats to it. For example, if your old oil has metal particles in it or if it is discolored (too light) it could mean that your engine needs to be repaired or that coolant is leaking into your oil. (Both of these situations should be immediately diagnosed and repaired to avoid having manageable problems turn into major problems.)

Why Occasional Drivers Need to Change Their Oil Twice a Year

Oil degrades with time and becomes less effective whether you drive a lot or just every now and then. Occasional drivers need to replace their oil twice a year due to moisture build-up and from frequently turning on the car (due to short trips). Clean oil can help minimize this damage.

  1. Excess Moisture – When a car is driven longer distances the engine heats up and consequently the oil becomes hot enough to burn off excess moisture and impurities. However, if a car is often idle or only driven on short trips (10 miles or less) the oil does not have a chance to heat up and the extra, trapped moisture cannot evaporate, which can shorten the engine life.
  2. Engine Wear and Tear – the act of starting your car can cause the most damage to your engine and if you make a lot of short trips this can stress your engine. Also, start and stop traffic can tax your engine. Both of these situations are common with drivers who make lots of short trips or drive occasionally. Clean oil can help protect your engine from these situations.

Timely Oil Changes to Protect Your Investment

Oil changes are needed twice a year for occasional drivers because clean oil helps protect your engine. Excess moisture, frequently starting your car, and start and stop traffic are three challenges that are common with drivers who make lots of short trips or do not drive often. Transportation Repair, conveniently located in Logan, Utah, can change your oil and provide expert service to keep your car in excellent condition.

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