Types of Motor Oil

Which Type is Best For Your Car?

Did you know using the wrong type of motor oil for your vehicle can affect its performance? The type of motor oil that’s best for your vehicle depends on a variety of factors, including your driving habits, the climate of the area you live and drive in, and your vehicle’s engine type. It’s also important to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications when determining what type of motor oil to put in your vehicle. When you take your care to Transportation Repair Inc for an oil change, we’ll always make sure we put in the right type of oil per manufacturer’s recommendations. Here are the different types of motor oil we offer in Logan.

Conventional Oil

This type of oil is commonly used in most types of vehicles in Logan. It is a great choice for vehicles with simple engine designs and low to average mileage. It’s also the most affordable type of motor oil available for purchase.

High Mileage Oil

If there are more than 75,000 miles on your car, you may want to consider using a high mileage oil. It’s designed to go easy on your engine by minimizing oil leaks, reducing emissions, and minimizing oil consumption. These are all important considerations for older cars with a lot of miles.

Full Synthetic Oil

Vehicles that require high levels of lubrication for peak performance usually need full synthetic motor oil. This type of oil combats sludge and provides very high viscosity levels. It also reduces thermal breakdown and oxidation. Vehicles that use full synthetic oil often get better fuel efficiency and overall performance. It’s important to note that these benefits come with a cost, as full synthetic oil is up to four times more expensive than regular motor oil.

Synthetic Blend

A synthetic blend oil offers many of the lubrication benefits that full synthetic motor oil offers but at a lower price. It uses a mixture of both conventional and synthetic oils, plus additives. The end result is a quality oil that has very good low-temperature properties (perfect for cold Logan winters).

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