To Add or Not to Add?: Considering Engine Oil Additive

Should You?

You know your vehicle has a lubricant, but perhaps you’re wondering if your car needs more. Should you pour in more oil additives between service visits? Even though we’ve won multiple “Best of Northern Utah” awards and we’ve been in business since 1987, we truly believe in our motto, “It’s your ride. You decide.” The ASE-certified technicians at Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah, are here to provide information about your transportation ponderings and to carry out the directives you give us. We look forward to equipping you with the facts you need to make your own choices about your favorite auto.

Engine Oil and Additives

As you may already know, the function of a lubricant is to aid the moving metal engine parts, so they don’t sustain damage as your engine cycles through the combustion process. Motor oil lubricates those components, absorbs heat, and grabs floating debris. Engine oil contains additives that accomplish these tasks. These chemical compounds help prevent oil breakdown and take care of other undesirable possibilities such as corrosion. The most important thing you can do to protect against lubricant-related problems is to bring your vehicle in for regularly scheduled oil changes. However, some drivers wonder if more additives are needed between those oil changes. For many automobiles, the compounds in a high-quality lubricant are enough. Even older vehicles with much use are typically well protected by high mileage oil. However, suppose you’re concerned about a car with many miles or one used under extreme conditions. In that case, you might consider the extra additives. First, be sure that adding something will not impact any remaining warranty on your vehicle. Second, talk to us about balancing helping your oil relevant to some properties while interfering with others.

It’s Your Choice

Ultimately, the choice to add or not to add is yours. Transportation Repair recognizes that the decision surrounding where to take your automobile for preventive maintenance services (including oil change) and repairs is also yours, and we hope you’ll choose our shop. As a family-owned local business, we’ll treat you like our relatives while offering the peace of mind of a nationwide TechNet affiliation.

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