Shocks and Struts

Transportation Repair, Inc., is your shock and strut specialists. The condition of your vehicle’s shocks and struts is important to the overall smoothness of your ride. Shocks and struts also help with handling, braking and provide a structural support in the suspension system. Here are some signs that you may need shocks and/or struts:

  • Leaking fluid

  • Visibly bent or damaged

  • Unusual tire wear(cupping)

  • Bouncy or stiff ride

  • Swaying or leaning while turning

  • Noisy when going over bumps

  • Alignment is off due to sagging struts

  • Mileage (depending on the vehicle and driving conditions, struts and shocks usually last between 50k-80k miles)

If you think your car needs shocks or struts, bring it in and let our certified and experienced mechanics check them out.

If you have any questions regarding shocks or struts, want to schedule an appointment or want an estimate, give us a call at 435-752-0488 or stop by our shop at 924 W 400 N Logan, Utah.