State Safety Inspection And Emissions Test

Transportation Repair, Inc. is an official inspection station for the state of Utah. We do state inspections and emissions test. You can get state inspection or emission test done up to 60 days in advance. By getting your vehicle inspected and tested in advance, it will give you time to financially plan and repair certain items, if needed. We also provide on the spot renewal for your convenience. On the Spot (OTS) Inspections is a program in the state of Utah that allows you to get your vehicle inspected, renew your registration and get your new plate decal on the spot! This service saves you time and we are at the ready to help you – on the spot!


As of 2016, cars 2010 and older will need an emissions every other year. Even year cars on even years and odd year cars on odd years. (For example: If your car is a 2000 then it will need an emission test in 2016, if your car is a 2001 then it will need an emission test in 2017.) There are some exceptions on whether your car or truck will need an emissions test. If you have any questions contact us for more details. If you are attending Utah State University and want to obtain a parking permit then you will also be subject to an emissions inspection. You can find out more on Utah State’s Website.


New cars don’t need it for the first 4 years. The 5th year it will need an inspection. For the next 3 years it doesn’t need it. It will then need it the next year and then not need it the following year. From that point on it will need it every year.

Requirements for 2016 State Inspections

Vehicle Year

State Inspection


Not Required


Required in 2016


Not Required


Required in 2016


Not Required

2006 and older

Required in 2016

If you have any questions regarding state inspections, emission testing or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 435-752-0488 or stop by our shop at 924 W 400 N Logan, Utah.