Misalignment Issues You Can Fix!

What You Should Do

Out of all the general preventative maintenance services that are available, wheel alignments may be the least discussed. The service, which works on the suspension system of a vehicle, helps ensure that the wheels are meeting the road at a proper, uniform angle. It also helps ensure that the wheels and tires are working in sync, instead of against each other.

Although there aren’t many ways for you to fix wheel misalignment on your own, there are methods you can use to help prevent it or reduce the chances. Wondering what these methods are? No worries, as the Transportation Repair team is here for you. Here are three methods that you can start implementing today!

Remove the Extra Baggage

Over time, you may notice that you’ll leave some extra things in your vehicle’s trunk. Some examples include golf clubs, lawn chairs, and even some clothes! But did you know that this extra junk could contribute to your vehicle’s misalignment?

Since wheel alignment is based on tire angles, the ride height plays a factor. If enough extra weight is in the trunk, it will lower the height at the back end of the vehicle and throw off the alignment. To avoid this, simply remove all the unnecessary items found in the trunk! This will help keep the vehicle’s height evenly balanced and keep the wheels aligned!

Conservative Driving

Today’s society has made people busier than ever. Sometimes this requires us to drive a little more aggressively than normal, especially when we’re running late. Although we may think this is okay, it can actually damage the suspension system and lead to misalignment issues.

Instead of driving aggressively, consider taking a more conservative approach. This method will place less strain on your vehicle and its suspension system and will decrease the chances of misalignment!

Stay Observant

Although this is more of a prevention tool than a remedy, it will still help you avoid misalignment. When driving, just be careful of any debris or potholes that you may see on the road. If it’s safe and possible, try to avoid it! One of the leading causes of wheel misalignment is when drivers run over potholes and debris on the road. By staying aware of the road and your surroundings, you’re already taking the first step to avoiding a wheel misalignment!

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