It’s a Tire. There are Parts?

What Does It Matter?

As a driver, it’s normal to think of a tire as a single entity. After all, you purchase a tire as one unit and install it as a lone item onto a wheel. You may even wonder if the varied parts of a tire matter since you, as a car owner, deal only with the whole tire. The parts do matter. Developing a basic understanding can help you in several ways. First, it allows you to make more informed tire purchases. Second, it makes you more comfortable and confident when discussing tire repair. At Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah, we’re happy to provide a quick tire tour and assist with your tire repair needs.

A Quick Guide to Tire Parts

The outermost portions of a tire (those that you can see) are made of rubber. The tread is the textured pattern that meets the road surface. It’s patterned appropriately to the tire type and the intended function. For instance, the tread of a traditional or all-season tire for passenger vehicle road use looks different than that of a tire designed for off-road and/or muddy conditions. The tread pattern helps the tire adhere to the pavement (traction) and is grooved in a way that helps move water away to prevent hydroplaning. The sidewall protects the cordage (body). It bears important information about the tire, such as the manufacturer, size, speed rating, etc. Its width spans from the tread to the bead where the tire meets the rim. Belt plies are layers of strong cord that can be found just beneath the tread. These stabilize and strengthen the tire. The cord body (also called radial) consists of rubber-coated cords that strengthen the tire and spread out forces as you corner. Rubber is also bonded to the inside of the cord body. Designed to hold in air, this is called the inner liner (much like an inner tube). The bead is a wired rubber band that holds the tire onto the rim, and the bead filler, not surprisingly, is a rubber compound inside the bead.

Rely on Us for Tire Repair

Now that you know more about tire parts, you’re ready to talk about buying tires or taking care of the ones you already have. See our Services page links for Tire Sales, Tire Repair, and other related services. Serving our community since 1987, Transportation Repair looks forward to helping you with all your tire repair needs.

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