How to Purchase the Best Tire

A Guide From the Experts

What Does Your Vehicle Use?

Before looking at any tire, it’s important that you understand what your vehicle can actually use. How can you find that out? By looking at your owner’s manual. If you’re still unclear on what tire your vehicle needs, then speak with one of the automotive professionals at Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah. They’ll take the time to inspect your vehicle and determine what size it needs.

To make this process even easier, take the time to understand the tire codes on the sidewall of the tire! This code provides information on your tires such as the size, load, index, and speed rating. If you’re curious on how to properly decipher this complex string of info, check out Consumer Report’s article on decoding this cryptic code!

Keep Price in Mind

Although we all want the best tires for our vehicles, that may not always be possible due to budget restraints. Prior to purchasing a tire, understand how much you can actually spend. Not only will you be paying for the tire, but you may also have to pay for additional services such as mounting, balancing, and alignment. Setting this budget will give you clarity as to what tire you can buy.

With that said, don’t be afraid to buy a new tire. Although used tires might seem like a budget-friendly option, they won’t give you your money’s worth. You’ll find yourself purchasing another soon after, as used tires are already worn. By buying a new tire with a higher price tag, you’ll be paying yourself forward later on.

Keep Conditions in Mind

Although many drivers will do just fine with all-season tires, this may not be the case for drivers that live in extreme conditions. For those that live in areas where the winters get harsh, we recommend purchasing winter tires for the season. These tires offer more traction than the typical all-season tire, which is perfect for those that have to navigate tough conditions such as ice or snow. Just make sure that you only use them during the winter months, as they provide no additional benefit during warmer times unless the area sees a lot of rain.

Need help finding the right tires for your car, truck, or SUV? Visit Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah. We’ll help you get started.

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