Hot, Hot, Hot is, Not, Not Good: What Causes a Transmission to Overheat?

One Fluid, Multiple Jobs

Transmission fluid may be a single liquid, but it has multiple functions that enable your vehicle’s transmission to work as it should. If you drive an automatic model, the dark red translucent fluid (dyed for easy identification) lubricates the moving internal components, provides the hydraulic pressure and friction necessary for the parts to work, and keeps the transmission cool (regardless of whether you drive an automatic or standard). Whether you need a simple service or a major repair, count on family-owned Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah, for all your transmission repair needs.

Causes of an Overheating Transmission

Although the song “Hot, Hot, Hot” is a popular Calypso dance tune, there’s nothing entertaining about an overheating transmission. In reality, excessive heat will ruin this important and expensive component of your automobile. Therefore, it’s to your advantage to know the common causes of an overheating transmission so that you can prevent damage to your vehicle. One thing you can do is have us monitor your fluid level. A lack of this fluid lubricant causes heat to build in the transmission, so it’s important to maintain a sufficient supply. Also, your auto’s transmission will work best and give less trouble if the fluid is kept clean and free of the trash. To accomplish this, let us change the fluid, filter, and pan gasket periodically. (See your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended service interval or ask one of our ASE-certified technicians.) Should you notice any related problems, have us correct them in a timely manner. This includes a fluid leak, shifting trouble, slipping gears, or other trouble. Transmission problems won’t fix themselves and will likely get worse over time if left unaddressed. Finally, if you’re concerned that the fluid is overheating despite doing everything right, consider making a modification that will help keep your car’s transmission cooler. These include installing an external transmission cooler or a deeper fluid pan.

Reputable Transmission Repair Near You

Whether your automobile’s transmission is overheating or you’re experiencing another related problem, count on Transportation Repair for reputable transmission repair near you. In business since 1987, our family-operated establishment has provided honest service and repairs that account for you as the decision maker. You can feel confident knowing that we’re affiliated with the TechNet automotive network and that we’re the recipient of multiple “Best of Northern Utah” recognitions.

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