Finding the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Tire Types: Which is Best for You?

There are many types of tires available on the market. Choosing the best kind for your vehicle can be tough. Luckily, the tire sales experts at Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah are here to help.

After learning more about the different types of tires available, you can easily find the ones that best suit your needs.

All-Season Tires

This kind of tire can seamlessly transition from winter to spring driving conditions. Able to deliver optimal handling and comfort while on the highway, all-season tires boast asymmetrical tread patterns to better grip slick or wet roadways.

Snow Tires

While Logan, Utah drivers don’t have to worry about a lot of snow accumulation, they should still be prepared. Snow tires, also called winter tires, are great for driving when the temperature falls below 45 degrees. They are specifically engineered to perform best in wet and wintery conditions. Snow tires are made from special rubber compounds that keep them pliable and soft, even in freezing temperatures.

Touring Tires

If you plan to hit the road for a long drive, make sure your vehicle is outfitted with touring tires. Also called grand touring tires, these tires promise a smooth and reliable driving experience. Featuring asymmetrical treads, touring tires focus on performance and handling.

Performance Tires

You don’t have to own an exotic muscle car to get a set of performance tires! These tires are great for wet weather thanks to their lateral grooves and large circumference. They efficiently grip the road and have a higher speed rating than touring tires.

Off-Road Tires

If you plan on taking the road less traveled, you should definitely invest in a set of off-road tires. These tires excel in all kinds of road conditions and can easily navigate concrete, dirt, mud, and more.

Summer Tires

Summer tires make a superb choice for the hot Utah summer season. They perform at their peak in warm weather and offer amazing handling in both dry and wet driving conditions. They have large circumferential grooves that decrease the chance of hydroplaning.

Find the Perfect Tires for Your Needs

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect set of tires for your vehicle, stop by Transportation Repair in Logan, Utah today. Our tire sales pros can point you in the right direction and will gladly answer all of your tire questions and concerns.

Call us today at 435-752-0488 to find the right tires for your needs!

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