Brake Repair in Logan, UT

Are Your Brakes Squealing?

Stay Safe On The Road, Check Your Brakes

Do your brakes squeal when you stop? Maybe you have noticed your steering wheel vibrating or shaking when you hit highway speeds. Shaking and loud squealing are messages from your vehicle to alert you, and anyone else in earshot, that your brake pads are critically worn and it is time for brake repair with the expert technicians at Transportation Repair in Logan, UT. If you hear metal-on-metal grinding, your brake pads have worn down completely. This is a real emergency and you should stop driving immediately. The most important safety aspect of your vehicle is the braking system and all of its components need to be in working order when you hit the road. If you hear or feel any warning signs of brake issues, don’t delay! The expert team of technicians at Transportation Repair can check and inspect your brakes to ensure their proper function, diagnose problems and repair any issues.

Putting off brake inspections or delaying repair can exacerbate problems and increase costs for replacement parts and repairs. Luckily, warning signs can help you determine when it is time for brake repair. Put your safety first with proper maintenance of your vehicle’s most important safety system. Brakes should be inspected yearly, like you visit your doctor for regular check-ups. Lead-foot drivers beware! If you have certain driving habits, like braking late, or if you notice warning signs, you may need more frequent checks. Transportation Repair is equipped to perform thorough and prompt brake inspections for fleet service vehicles, cars and trucks of all makes and models. Our ASE Certified techs have the expertise and experience to pinpoint problems and revive tired brakes. We stand behind our repair services with various warranties (12-month/12,000-mile, 24-month/24,000-mile, 36-month/36,000-mile warranty). Let us take care of your car so you can get where you need to without worry.

Schedule Your Next Brake Service Today

Regular brake inspection is key to maintaining your brakes. At Transportation Repair in Logan, UT, thorough vehicle inspections and excellent service are our priorities. Whether you are experiencing issues or are in need of a check, the team at Transportation Repair is ready to help. We know you want to avoid costly repairs and part replacements, so we are dedicated to fast and accurate inspection and service. Should your vehicle need more extensive repair, our ASE Certified technicians have the expertise to perform any brake service, from checking brake fluid levels to full brake replacement. Give us a call today at 435-752-0488 to schedule your brake inspection or brake repair or feel free to stop by with any questions about your brakes next time you are in the area.